❄️Canada❄️ (at Aurora Village, Yellow Knife)

  • Awesome when tumblr lets you make an awkward post, but won’t let you view it to re-read it and fervently reconsider you decision to hit the ‘post’ button.

  • I typed ~400 tags, but I accidentally said hashtags instead of tumblr tags and that was way at the start and I don’t wanna have to delete all that (mobile blogging) for the sake of one word.
    Enjoy the permitted prying, ladies and gentlemen xo

  • More ugly food!
I made baby veggie patties for second dinner ☺

    (via stockingssexy, pinkegobox)
    I want pink hair for a bit thx
    Mmmm yummy looking “green” smoothie. 
-Red grapes
-Frozen raspberries and blueberries
-Yellow squash
-Iceberg lettuce
-Baby spinach
-Ice & water